Zadanen Dol Geotrail

hiking trail
Located: 8 km away from Lukovit.
In Use Since: 2006.
Part Of: the Iskar - Panega Geopark and the Karlukovo Karst Geocomplex.
Lovech Region


  • 2004-2006 - Building of the geotrail: project Creating an Integrated Tourist Product for Improving the Sustainable Economic Development of the Lukovit District, the PHARE Development of Bulgarian Ecotourism Program.

BARET Participation: Created the project; participated in the geotrail building, and the preparation of promotional materials.

Sights: a narrow terraced valley with numerous caves and cliffs.

tourist base
deciduous vegetation
technical rock climb

Nearby Sites: Prohodna, Svirchovitsa, Strupanitsa, Kuklite, Panega Riverside Landscape Park.

Duration: full tour - approximately 2 hours.

Difficulty Level: moderate.

Season: April - October.

Equipment: hiking equipment.

The town of Lukovit - Diplomat Plaza Hotel; the National Speleological House "Petar Tranteev."
food service
The town of Lukovit.

Numerous wooden structures - bridges, ladders. The markings were partially destroyed.

Zadanen Dol Ecotrail